Christmas 2012 - Presents!

I was very lucky and got presents from family and friends i laid everything out and this is what i got..

There is a lot there, a mixture of gifts from my mum, Mike, in-laws, friends, and my family.

Here are some close ups...

Presents from Mike - Xmas morning ♥
Mike did well this year, he bought me the boots from New look which are really nice & Comfy. He also bought me Marc Jacobs Dot perfume, which i LOVE! he got me the 37ml bottle, which has a cute design. He also bought me 3 soap and glory products, Lush gift box and products. Some Lego type sets, as i just love Lego! He also gave me a desktop calendar for work, a hello kitty pen, a book light so i don't keep him awake at night. A really cool book of awesome facts... ill do some reviews on the products i have above.

Gifts from family + friends.
As you can see above i have some smellys (bubble bath, face masks, eyeshadow, bath salts) There is a polka dot quilt cover set from my mum, Owl socks, Jack Daniels set and Hello kitty set from my BFF Katy, A Queen of the house note book... because i AM queen of my house! aha. Snoopy key chain from my grandparents.

Then above on the other side of the table is More presents!!! 
Snoopy slippers from my grandparents, and bronze metal key hanger, Hello kitty mug and coaster set from our nephew, Marmite mug from my mum, Hello kitty make up bag, lip glosses, compact mirror, roll on perfume, body spray, hairbrush, body brush with shimmer, all from my 2 cousins. Then a diary and x-press nails from Katy. Money from my father in law, Nan, and a gift card from my mother in law... which is spent already so keep an eye out for the Sale shopping haul!

 If you have a Christmas present haul please link it below as i love seeing what people were gifted with!


  1. OMFG that's absolutely crazy ! Soap and Glory produtcs looks great !

  2. You got some fab stuff! I reaallyy want to try a Marc Jacobs perfume, I've heard nothing but good things about them!

    Jo xx

    1. Go smell Dot, its kind of watermelony and fresh, I cant get enough of it! X


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