American style Pancake Recipe... Weightwatcher style!

I'm back with another weight watcher recipe, i decided to make the American pancakes that are in the getting started guide, mainly because you need minimal ingredients and they are quick to make.

Recipe makes 12, and its 5 Pro points for 3. (Aim for 8cm diameter on the pancakes)

Here we go...

You will need:

100ml Semi Skimmed Milk
1 Egg
100g Self raising flour
2 tbsp Maple syrup...Yum!
1 Banana (In my case one Banana that's definitely seen better days)
1tsp low fat butter

 Firstly you will need to measure out and sift 100grams of flour into a bowl, add the egg and milk...

Then finely chop the banana and add 1/2 of the Banana and your 2 tbsp of Maple syrup as you whisk it up until its a smooth consistency.

 Then put 1 tsp of low fat butter into a frying pan and slowly melt to grease up the pan, pour the batter into the pan into circles, or ovals in my case. (This is where i thought i would have to stop them merging into one, but they hit the pan and started cooking straight away)

Give the bottom chance to brown up a bit, then cut up the other half of the banana into slices and add 3 of them to each pancake like in the picture above. 

Flip the pancakes and let the top cook, i did lightly press the pancakes down to help them cook as these pancakes are quite thick and you don't want any gooey batter in the middle. 

Then you end up with this!

You can cut up more banana and put it over the top, and then drizzle some more Maple syrup over them.

This is seriously yummy at 5 Pro points for 3 pancakes , totally worth it and could be a nice treat for Pancake day!


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  1. I think you should come to mine and make me them!! haha they look yummy!!!!!! I'm a terrible cook!

    Oooh is the Eyeko mascara any good? I used to wear Magic Lash mascara they sold before they re-vamped! Now following your loveeeely blog xxx



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