Celebrating my sister Bow's 18th Birthday

You may have seen i posted yesturday to say happy birthday to Bow, well we all went out for dinner to celebrate her turning the legal age of 18!

Scary stuff... i remember when it was just me and Louix, and mum telling me she was pregnant... feels like a few years ago, not over 18!!!

We went to a restaurant called Chimichangas's which is Mexican and the food is amazing. Better than Chiquitos, which made me ill!
My Jack cheese & mushroom Quesadillas

Bows Chicken Fajita's

Mikes Cajun chicken and Ribs

 We had a really nice evening and Bow got to open her presents from us all...


I bought her this Monkey as there her favourite animals, they look alike dont you think.. haha

Bow's first legal drink!

Then the moment every one dreads, but it couldnt go missed!


Quote from the evening 'I didnt want to be sung to, i just wanted cake'
Brat Haha

Apart from drinking the worst thing in the world that they call 'Margarita's' I had a really good night with my family :)


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