Im the fairy god mother!

This weekend i became a godparent to the twins!

I feel so honored to be asked, im a 'sponsor' (im not christened) to Harvey and Tamsin. I like to call myself the Fairy god mother.

It was nice to have something to look forward to as i've been feeling really low in mood lately, i have no idea why but its like i couldnt drag myself out of this empty 'vancant' feeling inside my head. My race for life training has been non exisitant, my photographys been on the back burner, and all my exercise classes have been quit.

Gahhhhh please let me get my head together!

Anyway the christening was just what i needed, something to look forward to and be happy about!

Yay to being a godparent / sponsor!
My cousins! (3 of them..)

Mike and Me :)
There is nothing better than a family get together, it means you can get some lovely up to date photos, spend some time having fun, and reminiscing about your childhood!

Look at this lovely present that i recieved from Tamsin & Harvey!

Im undecided whether ill put this on my christmas tree, or whether to put a picture of Tamsin & harvey in a box frame and overlay this in the frame.

It was such a lovely day wish we had more family days!

Next week its the twins first birthday!!! EEEEEEEEK


  1. Aww it's a lovely gift, I'd put it in front of a frame and that way you'd get to see it all year round.

    1. Thats what im thinking, its too nice to be up once a year, although i do love my special xmas decorations... decisions!?x


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