It would be Rudimental not to like them...

I have been loving Rudimental since they brought out 'Feel the Love'...

But since the release of Waiting all night i hadnt really paid much attention to them, until the twins started dancing to the song and i thought they were cute. I caught sight of the video on MTV and im now totally addicted. 

The video is absolutely unbelieveably moving. Its the story of Kurt Yaeger and how he become a below the knee amputee, but came back fighting and carried on Bmx-ing!

Seriously awesome, the soc doc way its been filmed, and how every ounce of emotion has been captured from him and through his journey. From the moment he falls off, you can see the anger, and frustration, He then tried again, and is then sailing down the ramp, free like a bird and his smiles are just pure JOY. I couldnt help but smile watching this video. Even if this isnt your kind of music, just mute it and watch the video, its really good.

I've learnt one thing from this, and that is ANYTHING is possible if you just try.

Plus Kurt is pretty easy on the eye.... mmmm


You can read more about Kurt Yaeger here:

RedBull article

Kurt Yaeger official site

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  1. Great inspiring post lovely. Loved that its different to others I've read. Love a bit of Rudimental when running :D Thanks for commenting on my blog btw x



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