Z Palette Zebra print!

A while ago i got a bargain Z palette for £4 on eBay including postage!

I have been putting it to good use and depotting some of my soap and glory eyeshadow's.

I recieved the soap and glory Crazy Sexy Kohl gift set that came with 5 kohl pencils and 3 eye shadows... lovely colours, annoying storage!

I had some space in my z palette for another 3 eye shadows so i gathered my tools and set up shop to get these eyeshadows out.

The tools i needed: The biggest lighter known to man, small scissors from my Swiss card, or some tweezers would suffice. Next thing to do is heat underneath the eye-shadow's a little but not for too long as you dont want plastic fumes going up your nose!
Use scissors to lever the eyeshadow out, be careful not to bend the pan or crack the shadow. 
Also be careful not to touch the metal pan as it will be HOT.

Next remove eyeshadow from plastic scrape off the glue from underneath and then stick on the z palette magnet. Simples!

Place in Z palette and tadaaaaaaa...

From top to bottom... Collection 2000 Plum Blusher, Soap and glory; Black, aubergine, and shimmery malt brown. The bottom 3 are from the soap and glory Lid stuff palette in Nude/ Browns. 

Perfect little Palette for my treasured Soap and Glory eye shadows!

I have stashed all the Kohl pencils in my Hello kitty Make up storage drawers for easy reach beautification. 

Isnt it cute..


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  1. I really want a z palette for shadows I don't use, the only reason I dont use them is the annoying packaging. Thanks for this sure it will be helpful xx



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