She's only gone and jumped back on the wagon...

Yep, thats right. 

I'm back on weight watchers, im not taking the diet too seriously this time round though as i get a bit obsessed then lose interest. I have a very impulsive nature, then i get bored quickly. So this time i intend to take my time, there is no rush to make myself a healthy machine.

I started back up last  (7th Jan) Tuesday, and i decided to start from scratch forget my past progress. It turns out that i am still at a 5lb loss from my very original starting weight way back at the beginning of 2012.

So lets get to the weigh in...

On Tuesday 7th January i weighed in at 12st 6.5lbs.  I am trying to remember this is a new beginning... forget what i lost in the past.

The goal i have set myself is 5% of my body weight to be lost in 2 months, im taking it slow this time, no rush. It means i need to get to 11st 12lbs which is a loss of 8.5lbs.

I'm going to be starting my Weight watcher Wednesday's back up, it might not be every week but ill endevour to post regularly to show my progress, recipes, or just general ramblings. 

So lets get to it...  *drumroll* 

On the 14th I lost 2.5lbs!!!

Today i lost... 1/2 lb

So thats a total of..  3lb in two weeks. In on a roll baby!

Im not setting myself any kind of timescale to lose the weight, im just going slow. I dont care how long it takes, this time IM GOING TO SUCCEED!!!

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