London, Cakes, Chatting and a bit of skincare!

On Thursday last week i was invited along to a skincare event hosted by La Roch Posay and Dowal Walker. It was to showcase the new skin care range called Anthelios. 

I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to catch up with a friend i met at an event last year. Shes called Tia and runs a blog called Bellezza which you need to check out, she posts beauty and fashion and is just all round a lovely lady!

We met up near the event and popped to the Humming Bird Bakery, i was boring and had the Banana Loaf that i ate the last time i went. We sat and had a nice old chat before the event, i love how you meet people in life and seem to have a lot in common and really get on. I love that i have a new blogger friend now, its nice to be able to chat about things to do with blogging and they know what you mean!  

We then walked to the event which was in No.16 which is a really nice Boutique hotel in south kensington. I wish i could stay here but having googled the price of a nights stay it will be a long time before i can afford that!

Check out the artwork, and one of the Lounges!

We Arrived in the conservatory and were offered Pimms... who am i to say No.

I may have had 4... the guys serving drinks we're so quick to top up i couldn't say no!

There was a bigger range than i thought, they had body oil, sun lotion, self tan, after sun, a children's range of sun protection. They even had their new Anthelios Unifying compact cream, which i LOVE. (I'll post a separate post about this!)

SPF 50+ Compact cream make up, with mirror and sponge.
They had a light box which assessed your skin for sun damage, we both jumped in to be told the brutal truth... 

Luckily for me i just had a small patch of sun damage on mt forehead, but other than that my skin was in good condition, well hydrated and looked after. I just need to get a good eyecream. 

The light box; Tia is under the black cloth.

Tia in the box, the view of the lady assessing your skin.
 La Roch Posay had a photographer at the event and took some photo's which were posted to their facebook page

Discussing how sun damages your skin, and the roadshow they have on the 20th May -  Copyright Jon Bradley Photography 2014

With our goody bags

Protect your self in the sun people!!!

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