Some Pet facts for all you animal lovers out there!*

This video by Pet plan is so cool!!

I love some facts, and i found this really interesting and humorous. 
Its also a pretty serious matter, pet insurance. We have insurance for the dogs, and i cant stress enough how important it is. If we didn't have it, then we would either be extremely in debt after the vet bills from Diesel being ill/injured, or we wouldnt have our baby dog now.

I cant imagine not having the cute little face in my life.
 Pet insurance in my opinion definatly takes the worry of not being able to afford treatment out of the equasion. Diesel has had a total of about £6k of vet costs over the last 5 years. He hurt his leg which cost about £4k in xrays, MRI scans and numerous vet visits. And he then had Hemoragic gastroenteritus last night which we caught in time, which if we hadnt it could have killed him. Pretty scary stuff!

Now onto the fun stuff... watch this and learn some cool facts about pets and their owners!

*This was a sponsored blog post

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