Doddle for Dogs Review & Giveaway!

If your a regular viewer you will realise that i love my dogs more than life itself.

I was given the opportunity to review a new collar for dogs called 'Doddle' Its called Doddle due to its ease of use, its a doddle to use!

Doddle is a collar with a retractable lead built into it. I bet you wish you had thought of that idea!

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We decided to give it a go on Vinny as hes a bit more laid back than Diesel, we used it on a recent trip to the vets for their yearly jabs, and it made life a lot easier. 

The Doddle did make it a bit easier at the vets as i didn't have to faff about getting the harness off the dog so it wasn't in the way of his neck. It was a lot easier to get him in and out of the car too, he seemed less stressed too. I think the doddle is a good concept if you have well behaved/ trained dogs. Mine are a bit scatty (what jack Russell isn't!?) so i wouldnt be comfortable using this near roads as there is no way of stopping them from lunging into the road.

The pod where the retractable lead is stored is quite large, so i wouldnt let my dog wear it all the time. Its well made though and very strong. There is some loops to attached ID tags, or another lead if you wanted a back up.

I love that this is another product that has been on Dragons den, one of my fav TV programmes. 

How Handsome does my boy look!!
 You can enter to win a Doddle for your dog, just complete the Raffle copter widget below to enter!

Be sure to leave me a comment with what dog you have, and a link to your blog if you have one!

(Competition ends on  26th Nov)


  1. I have a fan but hyper border collie, he loves his green rubber ring and his gravy bones xx


  3. Replies
    1. You need to use the raffle copter form to enter x

  4. I have a black golden doodle. He loves cows ears and huge bones!

  5. I have a giant Doberman and an Afferpinscher

  6. I'd be trying to win this for my friends dog :) Who is a westie :D


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