Grandad, this ones for you.

Its my Grandads birthday today,  (and my mums, so happy birthday mum if your reading)

I wanted to write this as my grandparents live in france so i dont get to see them often, and i thought it was a bit more meaningful than another card that will just get put away and forgetten about.


My Grandad means more to me than anything in the world, he has taught me so many things in life and made me the person i am today. I am so grateful for what both of my grandparents did for me when i was growing up, and grateful that i could live with them when i wasn't happy at home.  They gave me a sanctuary, somewhere that was home and i felt safe and loved. 

My grandad cooked my crumpets in the morning, and used that as his tactic to wake me up in the mornings. I remember this every morning:

Grandad: George are you up yet, your crumpets are under the grill!
Me: (Still in bed all cozy) Yes Grandad im getting ready

5mins later

Grandad: GEORGIA YOUR CRUMPETS ARE BURNING - (walking towards my room)
Me: (Jumping out of bed to pretend im getting ready) I'M getting ready, hang on a minute!

This usually ended up with me having burnt crumpets, or Grandad pretending he had put them under the grill when he hadnt really and was just trying to get me out of bed. I was one lazy teenager, but teenagers need their sleep right?! 

Grandad drove me to school in the mornings in his skanky work van, Grandad used to be a welder on cars (Chassis and body repair, see Grandad i remember!) So the work van wasn't exactly clean where he had a pretty dirty job working with cars and metal. We used to chat on the way to school and grandad used to enthuse in me that i should work hard at school, get a job and save money. My Grandparents work ethic was amazing, they both worked SO hard to provide for not only themselves, but me as well when they didn't have to. 

I never went without anything. Some might say i was a brat but i can tell you now i have only been grateful for everything they gave me and did for me. I remember wanting this Mega blocks doll house type thing from Woolworth's when i was about 10, i was told no i couldn't have it. Yet i worked my charms and persuaded Grandad that i would clean his work van. As usual he gave in, and took me to woolies to get the toy, i loved that toy and played with it all the time... i never did clean the van.

My Grandads sense of humor is something to be desired. My grandads favorite sweets are American Hard gums (the ones covered in sugar) One Saturday evening when the whole family was over watching Gladiators, Baywatch and blind date.. you know the standard Saturday night in the 90's. My grandad disappeared and brought the hard gums in, my uncle always went for the best flavour... the black ones... little did he know, my grandad had taken all the sugar off and covered it in salt!!! Nigel did get a bit of a surprise! haha :) 

Basically i just want to say - Thank you for being the best grandad any one could ever ask for. You have shown me so much love, kindness and taught me so much. I love that Mike thinks so much of you and loves spending time with you. He cant wait to play golf and go fishing next time he see's you.  

Happy Birthday Grandad, here's to many more!

Now go get yourself a beer for reading all of this.

Love you 


P.S i know this photo will make you laugh so i had to include it.....

(Brian is my grandparents Jack Russell, and he is not violent at all... just loves to smile! haha)

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