Oh no, its Snow.

(Nature is so beautiful)

Even though today has been COLD, roads are really dangerous, the Snow does look lovely.

We wernt going to let it stop us from going to B&Q our local DIY shop. Managed to Finally get the last kitchen cupboard door, and built in wine rack we needed - Wooo!
Picture us with a pull along basket, filled with Xmas decorations on sale (bonus!) - wine rack laying over basket, with kitchen door ontop. Then i saw this -

£5.... Yes you read that right. I snapped it up, once i spray it white, it will be perfect for the bathroom, it can go next to the mirror so we can put perfume, make up etc on it! :)

Then we battled the carpark to get our goodies to the car - ugh... stupid snow.

This was the snowy scene for the drive home...

Looks nice, yes? but - cold = bad.

Cold hands and sitting in the car for ages means a quick stop to get one of these ..

I got a hot choc, then remembered i don't like theirs, i prefer costas. Yuk! its to strong. Mike had a latte, smells lovely, but coffee = yuk. lol

Check out the snow, its fairly deep considering the tyre is a huge one thats on a land rover.

Perfect opportunity to write my name in the snow, my finger felt like it was going to fall off after this, it was SOOOOOOO cold! haha

Off to Bedfordshire to get some sleepy-ton... zzzzzz

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