Boxing day Sales - LUSH & a rude wake up call..

Yep i am one of them people who queues up outside a shop on Boxing day..... We both had some xmas money so we made an adventure of it. 

Alarm set for 9am we went to sleep on christmas night... i was just stirring awake and i could hear what sounded like Gun shots... after 3 of them and someone shouting i though... 'maybe it is a gun shot...' so i jumped to look out the window and saw this....

Someones car had Blown up!!!!!! The gunshot noises were just the tyres popping... doh. (The car was totally ruined, the house was really burnt up too, but everyone who lived there were fine thank fully) Pretty scary stuff!

So as we were awake at 7.30am... we got ready slowly and got to guildford for 10am.

Lush opened at 10.30 so after we looked in a few shops i hit the queue.. i was 2nd in line. 

Yep apparently no one else cared about the Lush sale!! haha

So once the doors opened the christmas stock was by the entrance, basket in hand, and all bags already given to Mike i went in with my shopping elbows and grabbed all the stuff i wanted... 

 The top left gift box was from Mike so i didnt buy that in the sale. (it contained a star shaped Snow cake soap, a snowman bath melt - which the scent has changed since last year... booo - and a So white bath bomb.. which was pink in the middle!!!!)

 I bought one gift set called Rocket around the christmas tree (i think.. as there was no tag) In the box there were 3 products, Santa bath bomb, rocket bubble bar and a soap which smells kind of citrus like. I wasnt keen on the soap so i gave that to my mum along with another bubble bar.

The sale items i bought were all 50% off....

Rocket around the christmas tree gift set - £6.98 in the sale 

Snow cake soap - 144g - £2.13 in the sale

Christmas eve bubble bar X2 - £1.47 in the sale

Sandy Santa scrub - £1.48 in the sale

Candy mountain bubble bar - £1.23 in the sale

Cinders Ballistic - £1.13 in the sale

I spent a total of £20.50 (i also bought a butterball as i love them!)

 I hope you like my Lush Haul, im currently enjoying many baths and its been the high light of my days off work! 

Note to self... dont use santa bath bomb when you need to wash your hair... nice bath turns green with a bucket load of glitter! >.<


  1. Wish I had more money, would've hit Lush too but I've been good and not spent any money in the sales.

    1. I had some christmas money from my inlaws so made use of it. Without that I would have been staring at lush from afar with tears in my eyes lol x

  2. This Lush stuff looks sooo good! You probably won't believe this, but I am yet to try out a lush product! Shock horror!!

    Jo xx

  3. Seriously?! Get yourself down there have a look around, chat to the staff & get a sample of some stuff!! My local lush are so friendly!! X


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