The Official Girls Night

We made a plan that every month we going out for Girls night, so far its myself, Amy & Niki. We all work together, and its just us at the moment, but i would imagine we will be adding more girlies to the group in the future once they realise how much fun we have!!

We decided to go to Wagamama as we haven't been there before ,and they do Japanese food (thats non sushi related)
Its such a nice atmosphere in there, really chilled. Kind of reminds me of a school canteen.

 The food was incredibly yummy.

I had Yasai Katsu curry. (Veg curry) and Yasai Gyoza for a side dish.  (veggie steamed dumplings)  (pic of my dinner is the 2nd row 1st pic.) lots of salad and stick rice with lightly fried veggies!

Amy Had Yasai Yaki Soba - fried sob noodles with lots of veggies! Niki had the Yaki Soba with chicken & prawns in it. Amy also had the Gyoza with meat in, and Niki had the chicken skewers. 

For all of that including drinks its was only £45, total bargain!

The funniest thing happened when paying, Niki was entering her pin number into the portable card machine, we were joking that the waiter would get a large Tip as she didnt have her glasses on, then for a laugh she put the machine to her ear (like the pic below) and Said 'Hello' - i cracked up, but the waiter just looked a bit puzzled, i think he was foreign and didnt get the joke! haha

Always the practical joker.. haha!

After we scoffed all the food, which non of us could finish as the portions were huge! (and stopped laughing at Niki being silly)

We headed over to... CHIQUITO'S for cocktails and dessert! 

Mine is the first one, a strawberry Daquiri! ♥ Niki had a Key lime cooler, and Amy had a sex on the beach.. i told her it was too cold, but she insisted to do it anyway... ;) lol

The pudding was amazing, chocolate brownie, with 2 scoops of vanilla icecream on a skillet, then they poor toffee sauce over it at the table and it sizzles away like crazy! 
i forgot to take a photo of it though as we were so excited and ate it! haha

 It was such a good night and i cant wait to do it next month!

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  1. Lovin the post! Even though it was cold it was worth it! LOL xxx Amy xxx


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