We're going to the Zoo, Zoo Zoooo

Last week i went to Paignton Zoo in Devon, it was a nice Zoo,although it was incredibly cold!

I think the highest temperature was 1'c... Brrrr

Lion Cubs ♥

Comparing our hands to the Animals Paw's
Orangutan swinging about


Capybara ♥♥ So cute.

The tree above is amazing, made me think back to when i was a kid and i used to LOVE climbing tree's. Look at how many branches there are, it must be So old!

Hyasynth Macaw

Peacock that kept following us around
Daffodils, ITS SPRING!
Cherry Blossom

Guinea pig desert habitat - loved this one!
Pigeons in the desert Habitat, i think they look like they should be called Jose, and Pablo.

Meercat spy hole - with Husband
It was a good day at the Zoo, and i would recommend it in the summer or spring time. There was a lot of animals, and even though it was cold the animals still came out to play :)

I have such a love hate relationship with Zoo's, i love the learning atmosphere it provides for children, and adults, but i cant get over the fact that the poor animals are not in the wild, and some of the habitat's are not big enough. The animals all looked well looked after though and they seemed happy enough even though it was horrible cold britain.

And the best bit of the day was the gift shop, im such a big kid!
Bought a fridge magnet with a giraffe on though! woo

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  1. I love the zoo, I'm hoping to arrange to take my Rangers there this year.


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