Lush Uplifted Gift box

For my birthday i was given two Lush gift sets, this one was from Katy, and i cant tell y ou have excited i was when i saw the box!!

The paper had hot air balloons all over it, with a black ribbon type thing saying Uplifted all around it. So summery. There is something about Lush gift sets that make me happy, i think it might be partly to do with the packing inside thats all colourful, and bio-degradable. (Its called Ecoflo)

In the set there are 6 products;

  • Rub Rub Rub shower scrub 140g - This is bright blue, has a sugary texture and foams up really nice so you can wash with it and exfoliate at the same time, it has a really refreshing Orangey scent too. 

  • Happy Hippy + Dirty Springwash Shower Gels - Both of these are 100g - Happy Hippy is really zesty and has a citrus smell. It certainly wakes you up with its scent, its basically liquid Grapefruit, which i do not like the taste of at all, but in a shower gel its lovely! Dirty Springwash is a spearmint scent, and is SO nice. I have even used it to wash my hair and it was amazing, made it feel so clean and smell so minty and refreshed! Its basically just Spearmint oil, well worth getting this if you like the minty scented products.

  •  Ocean Salt facial scrub 100g - Now this is a very exfoliating, pure sea salt with a really strong citrus scent. It has Grapefruit, and Limes that are infused in Vodka to make an astringent. I can only use this on my T-zone, mainly my nose as it stings my face. I have quite a sensitive face, but i need to use this on my nose as i get dry skin on it, yep... disgusting i know.
  •  Whoosh Shower Jelly 100g - This is the strangest product i've ever used, its jelly... i mean how do Lush think of these things!? lol ... it again has a Grapefruit scent, its very refreshing, and suprisingly easy to wash with. You would think that it would slip off, but it lathers up really well. Its always intrigued me when i've been in store, so im pleased i got to try it.

  •  Bohemian Soap - There was one bar of this in the set, its quite a decent chunk too which should last a while, It has a lemon scent and is really refreshing. I have used it a couple of times to wash my hands with, as we ran out of hand soap. Im yet to try it out in the bath. 
 Overall im really pleased with the selection of this gift set, it has things in it which i wouldn't usually buy  myself. That's the good thing about a gift set you get a variety of goodies, and i will defiantly be buying a few of the products again. I don't usually buy anything other than bath bombs, bubble bars and my trusty toner spray from Lush, so now i can branch out!

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