Maybe its.... Rubbish?

So as you all know im a lover of Nail varnish, my collections getting bigger by the day and i recently was able to add a couple more to my collection thanks to winning a little mini competition at work!

I bought three new nail varnishes from Boots, one of which was spotted by my friend Katy, she pointed out Maybelline had a new Color show one in Turquise temptation, its a Vintage leather effect. I was like Oooooh that sounds amazing and its cheap i bet its just like the Nails inc Leather effect one...

WRONG... this is nothing like Nails inc, this is rubbish. 

Now i spend time doing my nails, its a sunday night thing, i apply a base coat, let that dry for several hours, then i apply 1 coat of polish, let that dry for a while, then i apply a second coat, then i normally apply a top coat. 

I think this is where the problem lies... with this its meant to be a rough texture so i didnt apply a top coat, i did however apply a 3rd coat as it didnt have the 'leather' effect. 

This is my nails now less than 24 hours later, bare in mind i work in an office.

Seriously what the F?

The thing thats ironic is i can pick it off, but i cannot for the life of me get it off with my Boujois 1 second remover! gahhhh 

So all in all, i dont recommend it.

If im doing something wrong please tell me Maybelline!?




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  1. Oh, that's not one for the wishlist. I rarely remember to wear nail polish, so when I actually do, I'd want to know it was going to stay on a little longer than just one morning.


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