This is what summers all about..

Seeing awesome movies, Despicable Me 2 was so good, literally nearly cried at the end.

 My little cousin Willow turned 1, times flies! 

My family had a little garden party for her which was lovely, the cake was  Minion, made by her mum. Here is the little birthday girl..

 The twins were there chilling in there chairs having some grub, such a pair of cuties.

Summer so far has been about spending time with family, we have had a few really nice days out just walking the dogs, and swimming in our local big lake/pond, its been great. Im kind of glad the weathers cooled down a bit now as i havent been able to use my laptop, the fans still on the blink and it gets too hot so the 30' weather would have killed it off.

New addition to my fish tank, a pair of Kuhli Loaches, there so cute! they never come out though which is annoying, we're going to get a few more when we get back from out hols.

 Nothing like buying a classic dvd for a fiver, then thinking to yourself, what the hell did our parents do to us as children... seriously why so many songs?!
(Also not the cheesy chips and pitta from the kebab shop in the background, YUMMMMERS)

So far its been a good summer, but there is more to come im sure, we havent even been to the beach yet!



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