Saving Money!

I thought i would write about saving money, and what i do to try and save some money everytime i go shopping.

A website that i use to print coupons is Super Savvy Me they have coupons for products like Washing detergent, tooth paste, nappies, cosmetics and tons more stuff. 

You can print the vouchers once only. What i like is that you add the coupons to your 'basket' then you can print them all at once so there is no paper wasted. This month they have savings of £22.50... you could save a whole £22.50 in your shopping!

They have a mixture of coupons for specific stores (usually tesco) and ones which you can use anywhere. We always do our food shopping at Tesco as my husband has a 2nd job there which gives us 10% discount, thats another place we save money!

I'm not saying you need to get a 2nd job to save money, but with stores like Tesco where you get a club card, or points card you can save up all your points to spend in store, or use to double up and spend on days out, meals out, kids toys and tons more stuff. 
We want to visit Longleat safari park next year so we have saved up our club card vouchers to buy our tickets. We have saved ourselves £53.50 by doing this. BARGAIN!

You can get more coupons from Facebook, a lot of Brands give you 50p off, or £1 off, or even free products like i recently had a free bottle of sprite from Subway. All i had to do was like the page and print the voucher. Free Sprites are the best kind. 

If you search for 'UK supermarket coupons' or 'UK shopping coupons'  then you can find all the best coupons where you just need to like the page to print the discount coupon (you can unlike afterwards.. hehe)

Another way to bag yourself freebies is by getting loyalty cards. 

I have Nando's, Superdrug, boots, & Costa Coffee i might have more, but they are the ones i use the most. The most i have saved on my Boots advantage card is £27, i used it to get my lunch when it was towards the end of the month, and to get a few beauty bits. 

Costa Coffee card is good as i have used it to get myself a free tea and cake before when i felt like a treat. 

Nandos and superdrug are recent ones i have signed up to, i figured i like the odd nandos so if i use the card i can get some freebies (annoyingly i lost my nandos card when i had 2 stamps, then i had to get a new card#!!!!) 

I hope this helps, if you have any money saving tips let me know below!

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