London shopping trip Nov 2013!

On Saturday i went to London with Katy for a shopping day. We left at 8am got to our first destination, Shepherd Bush Westfield. Its an impressive Mall when you are walking up to it..

Advert for Call of Duty - it was HUGE!

Walking through the entrance past the restaurants
 We started the morning off with a Costa and i had some Banana and Pecan loaf for my breakfast, its too good to miss! By the time we finished all the shops were open (they open at 10am FYI)

There are so many shops there that we just dont have local to where i am, like Yankee candle store (it had so much Christmas stuff i wish i had bought a cute little tea light holder i saw... but i hesitated.. wop woppp) 

I took the opportunity to visit Boux Avenue and get a Bra fitting, and i discovered im wearing a size thats too big in the back, and to small in the cup... oops. I bought a nice new Bra, a basic skin colored T-shirt bra that was £18, i would show you but im wearing it and that would be wierd!!! haha

Look at the pretty packaging... ♥
 So here is a link for the Bra i bought, its feels really nice quality and my overall experience of Boux Avenue was really good. The staff are really helpful, the changing rooms are brilliant, have three different lighting settings, day, dusk and nighttime so you can see your undies in different lighting. Im just happy now i can buy new underwear in the right size! yay

Next stop was Beauty base where i bought a 99p glitter nail polish in 'Treasure island' bargain price, lets just hope it looks nice on.

Next we went to Inglot which was the main place i really wanted to visit...

The make up is nice, but i was a bit put off by the service. Dont get me wrong they were helpful, offered to show us the products, if we had questions then just ask etc... BUT, she asked me what palette i wanted the eye shadows in (i chose the freedom system)  she went off to get my order ready, then the convosation went a bit like this...

Her: 'sorry we dont have the magnetic palette just the mirrored one' 

Me: ' Ohh right, well i dont want the mirrored one' 

Her: 'I can go and look in the store room for you'

Me 'Thanks'

Then i watched her disapear into the store room, come back with a face like a slapped arse, then get a big step ladder and walk back to the store room.

Her 'I have found some, is this everything you would like'

Me ' Yes thank you' (whilst being made to feel incredibly awkward!!!!)

Even my friend commented on how awkward it made us feel, like we had put her out... i mean its HER JOB!!! haha..

Jeeeeez, anyway this i what i bought.

The next place we visited was Apricot, i've seen the clothes in Newlook before but never really paid much attention.  It was Katy that wanted to see the shop so i had a mooch about, and found a reaaaaaaaally nice Waterfall cardigan. Tried it on, fell in love, and bought it within about 2 mins.. how's that for being spontaneous!

I havent got a photo of me wearing it yet, so here is a picture from their website. (Cost £24)

Picture from
After we left Westfield we trecked over to Knightsbridge to goto afternoon tea, but thats for another post of its own. Whilst we were waiting we went and sat in Hyde Park, it was Hilarious!!!

A little Outfit of the day...
 The little squirrels were running round, taking nuts from peoples hands it was so cute, someone was feeding pigeons and they jumped on his arms like he was the lady from Home alone!

Cheeky Squirrel
After the Afternoon tea we went over to Harrods as Katy had never been there before so its a must to see, it was Jam packed though and it was slightly annoying. 

How do they do this???

Katy outside Harrods
After spending time trying to get out of Harrods we went to Selfridges, which was packed but not as badly as Harrods. Selfridges just feels a bit more spaced out and airy so it was nice. 

We went straight to Lola's cupcake Cafe to sit down, and luckily enough there was a table free!!! there is literally 5 tables and one was empty so i practically threw Katy at the table whilst i got us a drink. I also bought a cupcake for Mike to take away, which got smashed up on my way home :(

I would love to say i splashed out out in Selfridges, but sadly No. I did buy some Tea pigs thought, in Peppermint. 

We finished the day off by having dinner in Wagamama's Holborn. I had the Yasai Katsu Curry.. same old thing for me. I had coconut reika (ice cream) and peppermint tea to finish. 

It was a nice day out, and i even came home with money!!! 

I used some of it to get a head start on Christmas presents on Sunday though... 

This was a long blog post... if you made it this far then well done. :)



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