Sephora Haul - France 2013

As promised im posting my Sephora Haul, its only small, but a haul non the less.

We went to the Sephora in Bergerac in France, battled through the wind and torrential rain. 

 Bad. weather. com

Sephora isn't huge, but its got a lot inside, it had a whole section of their own branded products, and it had Make up forever, then lots of other high end like Chanel, clarins, yves saint Laurent.

Sephora Branded products
So without further ado, here is my little haul;

I got some Sephora Mini eye make up remover as i wanted to try it out, it has a really chemical smell to me though. It will come in handy for travel though.

I also got a Sephora nail polish, 5ml which cost 5euros its a lovely bright purple/blue colour, however i cant remember the name... I also picked up a magnet for the magnetic nail polishes, this basically just does stripes but means you can use any polish to get the effect. (obviously magnetic ones) This cost me 2 euros.

I bought Sephora own branded mascara & eyeliner which i will do a post of its own to show you them. 

I also got a really good face mask, there is 2 sachets which i managed to get 4 uses out of. It is pore clarifying and made my skin feel pretty awesome after. 

I didn't buy the Bio derma in Sephora, i picked it up in a chemist. Ive been using it im on the fence about it, its neither amazing or rubbish. Does work to get mascara off though which is good as i hate scrubbing my eyeballs :)

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