You Beauty Discovery Box - April 2014 Edition

I carried on with the Discovery box as its really good value at £6.95 a box, and i love the fact you can choose a product!

I recieved my email on the 1st of April showing me what was on offer to choose from for the month, i decided to go with two skincare products.

The Magazine that tells you about the products, and gives you discount!

This is my discovery box upon opening it, EXCITING!

The products i picked were the Melvita moisture replenishing Night nectar, im in the market for a new night cream, so thought i could give it a go. I was sent a 15ml sample which should last a few nights, so ill report back if its any good.

Next i chose the Steam cream, i have heard about this before but never tried it myself. Its basically a natural cream thats for hands, face and body. Its made in the UK and Japan, so no wonder why i like it! :) 

I also LOVE the tin it came in, its so cute! (Their website has TONs of tin designs too)

Its a full size too, which sells for about £10 a pot, so considering i spent £6.95 on the whole box, its an absolute BARGAIN!

I also recieved two more products that we're ones which they pick out, i had a sachet of Organic pharmacy Antioxident face cream, which im yet to try. And there was also this..

9 Bar Fruity... I was quite happy to be sent food. I mean who wouldnt be?

Its a gluten freem wheat free snack bar. It had a chocolate coating on the top, and the bar itself is made up of lots of different seeds, and nuts, and fruits. It was different to what im used to eating. I have to admit i ate half and then got bored of the seeds, but if your into this then i recommend trying it. I just think that if im going to have chocolate, i want CHOCOLATE, not seeds with it!

I have yet again really enjoyed the discovery box, and i cant wait to see what next month has to offer.

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