Fish Tank update!

I haven't posted an update in a while, but my tank is looking a bit different. (and even more different today since my golden nugget plec has ripped up yet another plant!!)

The Tank is a Juwel 125, the plants have mainly been ripped up by the plec (i need to find him a new home as our tank isnt suitable... but the husband says no) 

Im loving how much the Anubias has grown (plant on the left) its even got buds like its going to flower now!

Here is some photos of my fish!

Shadow - blue spot Gourami

Ickis - Corydora catfish

Sunshine - The yellow Gourami.
Black Widow Tetra - I have 10 of these in a group in my tank, and there so cute!
Hope you enjoyed a little fishie update!

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