Art on a Budget!

I decided that i needed some more Art work to brighten up my Sofa wall in the lounge. I had an empty Ribba frame from IKEA that was crying out for some artwork. Not to mention i was getting sick of seeing this..

I was shopping about a year ago in Clinton Cards and saw some really high quality gift wrap that had a really cool vintage print of dogs, most i think are some type of old advertising.

The gift wrap was really thick paper and it cost £2.99 per sheet, as wrapping paper this is EXPENSIVE, but to use it as art its super cheap!

All i did take everything out of thee Ribba frame and see what placement i wanted the paper to be in the frame, then i used the mount to work out the correct size as this needed quite a bit cut off to fit.

Simple enough for anyone to do!

Here is the finished product, as you can see i didnt use the mount as i wanted to see more of the paper.

Not bad for £2.99 (considering i already had the frame, if not then it would still be under £10)

Please let me know if you have done any DIY art or things in your home, i love homely things!

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