France 2014: Part 2

Im here with another French update. We managed to cram quite a lot in to one week, so i have to split up the posts through fear of boring you death.

On Thursday we went along to Eymet Market, its a morning market, and its my favorite. I love the atmosphere, the smells, the feeling of being lost in translation. I dont speak french, i know my hello's, please, thank you and the odd bit of vocab. But being in a small Bastide where everyone speaks french is brilliant. (There is alot of english down there too though, which ruined the atmosphere a bit)

Looking down a narrow street

Birdies on wires

  The town is a square with a fountain in the middle, and has narrow streets going off every direction, and the market leads off up to Eymet castle.

How beautiful the colours of the bags and baskets are!

We finished the market off with a beer and a sit down. The weather was pretty hot whilst we we're there. About 27+ most days!

Pretty much every afternoon we spent our time here...

We did manage a dog walk before dinner too, which was nice. We took Brian up to the field behind my grandparents house, and thought it would be rude not to snap some photos of the sun flowers, even if they are dieing.

I even finished off the walk with a photo shoot of their cat Manu..

More to come next week!

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