Review: Stila Magnificent Metals eye liner*

Ooooooooh look what Stila have to offer.

I saw these collection when i was at the Christmas in July event last month (I mean... July, where did august go people?!)

Metallic Black Gold*

I'm loving this eyeliner, its kind of a two tone, a black base with gold throughout. You can use this as a shadow as well as a liner. Its a bit bold for me as a shadow and im not very good as blending it all out... so im sticking to using it as a liner.

It has a creamy texture and is almost sponge like to touch in the pot. Very strange.

What i like is that its not impossible to remove, although it does get gold bits of glitter all over the place. 

I love that Stila's products feel well made, you dont get that cheap make up packaging feel with it, if you want to have a cheeky splurge then you can buy this from the Stila website for £24.00 

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  1. I've got one of these but in gold, and you're right the texture is weird! I use mine as a eyeshadow but more to go over the top of a darker matte shadow on a night out, just a tiny amount gives ALOT of sparkle. Not sure i'd pay that price for it though....i got mine as a present from my in-laws when they went to America a few months back, from Sephora, came in a cute little make up bag with loads of other American brands that I love :)


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