Grip it: Review & Giveaway!

I dont know if i have mentioned it, but if you follow me on instagram you will see that we have been building a walk in wardrobe. We have a pretty big bedroom for a 1 bed flat, so we did away with the 2 double free standing wardrobes we had, and my very Handy Husband built us a 4ft x 5ft walk in!

I'm not going to do the big reveal until its finished. One thing i have been meaning to do for a while was hang this mirror. This Mirror cost me £5 from a charity shop, and has been hanging out in the bedroom waiting to be put on the wall. Now the wardrobe is complete, structurally at least... We have space to hang the full length mirror! woo

As you can see we need to do a lot of work, painting wood, painting the room, getting new flooring/carpet etc. But at least now i have something on the wall to make it feel a bit more complete.  One of the main reasons we delayed hanging this mirror was that the walls of the wardrobe are made from Plasterboard. Its not the strongest of materials, especially when your hanging a 3ft mirror from it.

I was contacted by a company called 'Grip it' they have a very handy kit of fixings especially for plasterboard/drywall (if your from the US).

 Its a pretty cool kit, you get everything you need in it and it costs £19.99. You get drill bits, screwdriver, bolts, screws, and the grip it fixings in a variety of sizes dependent on your need. You can use these for anything from a Mirror like we did, or a radiator, kitchen cupboards, anything up to 180kg!

In action..
These fixings are relatively easy to use, i did find that it made more sense watching their video on how to use them rather than reading the instructions. We found the product easy to use and effective. My husband was really eager to give it ago, and was like 'Oooooh it comes with drill bits' when he opened the kit.. haha - Easy to please he is!

I have also found it really interesting reading about the product and how the 'inventor' was only 13 when he came up with the design! How amazing is that, he was also on dragons den which is a programme that i love. 

They have very kindly offered a kit for one of my readers!

Enter through Rafflecopter, and leave me a comment on what you plan on using them for!

*I was perked with this product for review purposes.


  1. I've a few pictures that I'd put up using these

    1. You have reminded me i have a huge bit of artwork to hang!


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