Baking myself an Easy Jus Rol Breakfast!*

I always see the Jus Rol pastry cans in the butter aisle, and always wonder how it works. Do Croissants just pop out? Do i have to cut them? what are they... what is this invention?

I was kindly offered the chance to review some Jus Rol products, so i decided to try out my FAV food, Croissants.. nothing better than a nice fresh baked Croissant for breakfast.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!

Watch it go POP when you rip it open!

It took minmal effort to make these, you literally roll the pastry out, its pre cut so you could carefully tear it apart, or score it with a knife. Then you just roll it up as shown above (and on the packet) and then you can glaze them with some milk after to add a nice golden colour when they have baked.

All you need to do is get your butter and Jam at the ready and wait 10mins for them to cook...

 And then ta daaaaa...

 Now they dont look fantastic as it was my first attempt, i have made them again since and the looked a lot more like a croissant that you see in the shops. They are quite small so this was enough for 2 people, they make a perfect breakfast for a Sunday.

I literally cant stop buying them now to have in the fridge ready for Sunday Breakfast!

Im easily pleased when it comes to food... nom nom nom.

 *I was provided with vouchers to purchase the item featured in this review. I wasn't paid to write the post, and all comments are honest and are my own.


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    1. Im in the UK and they are available in all supermarkets! (usually on offer too!)


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