DIY: Succulent table!

If you like an easy DIY then this is for you...

I have had this Ikea table for a while, but the top of it broke when a canvas fell off my wall and smashed it. So rather then take it to the dump, i decided to upcycle it!

I then bought the supplies, they weren't cheap i will admit. It was about £30 in total for the soil, stones, and all the plants.

The table i was reusing was waterproof, so whatever you buy you need to make sure you aren't going to get any leakage. The table i have is still available from ikea, and i *think* its around £16.

My selection of cacti, succulents, and other rockery type plants. Soooo cute!

Step 1 - fill the base with about an inch of pebbles, this is your drainage.

Step 2 - get your placement just how you want it, then plant away!

Step 3 - Add some decorative pebbles, i got mine at the £1 shop, and then add a few of the stones that you used for the drainage on the top too. It brings it all together dontcha think?

I must say, im rather proud of my creation!

It adds some well needed greenery to my lounge and its really low maintenance. Even if i do have to gather the large pebbles up sometimes as the dog keeps stealing them.

Let me know if you create something similar, I'd love to see it!


  1. WOW. This looks amazing.

    1. Thanks! im really proud of it. My dogs love stealing the rocks out of it too! haha


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