Aprils to do list

Me and mike have a week off in April, and i have quite a list planned...

  1. Do a carboot - Sells clothes, home accessories, Video games etc
  2. Take junk and things we dont need to Rubbish dump. i.e armchair, chest of drawers
  3. Take Carboot left overs to charity shop.
  4. Fill in all holes in kitchen walls, and sand down
  5. Paint kitchen - also buy paint!
  6. Touch up paint work in Lounge.
  7. Strip wall paper in Hallway..... (really want to do this but mike wont let me.. argh!)
  8. Major de-clutter in bedroom, and thorough clean through.
  9. Fill in cracks etc in bedroom - Paint around light on ceiling.
  10. Wash sofa cover
Fun stuff to do -

11. Goto Beach with Dogs for a picnic
12. RELAX!!

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