DIY Bedroom

This will be the last room to be decorated, but i want to do it NOW!

Needs loads of things doing to it... something like this...

The paint colours are all Dulux ones, called - Chic shadow, Polished Pebble, pamplona purple, Zingy yellow.

I would like to get a mirror in a ornate looking frame for the wall, or ill just paint the pine one i have in Zingy Yellow.

I need to get a new roller blind in a blackout material, i love the colour of the purple one on my mood board, maybe contrast it with Grey curtains or Dye my exisiting white curtains Purple ....

I love the cushions on the mood board they are from - Google images,

the grey and yellow wood effect one is £70 which is waaaaay more then i would spend on a cushion...

The Yellow ruffle one is £107 !!! i would definatly try to DIY this one myself with a guide i found here - Ruffle pillow and i could re-use some old t-shirts etc i have lieing around.

Im going to make a feature wall behind the bed either paint stripes along the whole wall YHL style... Horizontal Stripes in The two grey colours above.
Im tempted to use Wall stickers too, Bird ones in Purple Or Yellow... hmm

The main project in this room will be making a built in wardrobe, we currently have 2 double flat pack wardrobes, which have been taken apart and put together about 3 times, they are in CRAPPY condition!
So yeah, built in ones would be so much better and would fit alot more in. I'll probably get an IKEA Antonius unit similar to this one, then put stuid walls around it with doors so it looks built in.

Im excited to think about this project... just a shame it wont start until very late this year possible next as we have the bathroom to re-fit first... cue sad face... :(

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