Old Photos..

When at my Grandparents house in France we had a root through the photo box, and here are our findings...

(Great Grandma Kath-Grandad's mums)

(My cousin Hannah and a photo of her mum - how alike are they!)

(My Mum & Dad in the 80's... Hahah!!!)

(My Grandad - how Pulp fiction does this photo look!)

(My Grandma - Gorgeous.)

(My Mum in the middle with my uncle and aunty either side)

(Me middle in green, left Jake, right Lewis, and Hannah all my cousins in 1997 in florida.)

I love old photos, they have such meaning and sentimental value to me... ♥


  1. Oh MY Goodness your grandma was GORGEOUS. Those French. Just so beautiful. Love your blog.

  2. I LOVE old pictures. I've scanned a bunch my mom had and also some slides she had. So amazing how much we actually look like our relatives when you see them at our age.

    Thanks for the painting suggestions - I'll have to try them out.

  3. I have a ton more i need to put up, but its finding the time to sort them all out. thanks for the comments :)


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