Dressy Dresser

I luuuurve this Chest of drawers, its so old and militarian looking :)

Cost me £50 from a charity shop, and proceeds went to British Heart foundation.

I bought it on a whim whilst walking to work it was in a shop window... Cue Romatic Music i fell in love...

The annoying thing is i want the little wash basin stand (the blue one next to it) but it was sold when i thought about it the next day... Damn it!!

So... the shop opened at 9.30am, i didnt have a break until 10.15am...they were the longest 45 minutes of my LIFE!

I literally ran to the shop, and had a quick once over the dresser, made sure the drawers were intact and then paid for it.... although i kinda bought a table too, mainly because i loved it, and it was only £5... yes £5!!!! BARGAIN! - only, i dont have room for the table, so gave it to my mum and said if she ever doesnt want it then i will have it back.. ha! bonus :)

Love the curves!

The Dresser looks amazing in my bedroom with my Leather look sleigh bed and my other miss matched old furniture. (more pics when i actually get round to painting the bedroom.

This Stamp is printed on the back of the unit, i figured out it says
'TS White & co LTD Camp Furnishers Aldershot'

Did some googling and found out it was used to furnish a military house or office of some sort in the town i live in. I feel the need to protect this unit, and have taken back my original plans to paint it white... sorry Mr Dresser...

Anyways...When i get chance ill totally Bee's wax it up and make it shiiiiine!

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