10 things about me...

Thought it would be good to 'get to know' me.

(This is me..)

What you need to know....

1. Im Vegetarian.

2. I buy Cheeseburgers from Macdonalds just so i can take the burger out and eat my fries in side so its like a chip butty!

3. I love anything Union Jack

4. I always have a compact mirror in my handbag - always, and regulary look in at, even at my desk when im in the office..

5. I love Hello kitty - i even have a tattoo of her.

(My actual tattoo the day i had it done, 3 days before my 21st birthday!)

6. I love learning and thinking about things in depth, and having a good conversation with someone thats philosophical like me.

7. I love exploring new places- Museums, shops, parks, towns, countries.
(Madeira.. love the tree's)

8. I love taking photos and learning about photography.

9. I love my Family unconditionally.

10. I get very emotional watching the News or documentaries.

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