I just love *(fill in the blank)*

Here are some of my new found loves...

A clean fish tank...

Took me about an hour to take out 50% of the water, give everything a good ole scrub and then clean the filter, YUK! Mike helped me clean everything which was nice of him :)
I had quite a few fish ranging from Platy, Molly, catfish, Neon tetra's, sucker fish..etc
But alot of them died, the Platys procreated like it was the end of the world - note there is lots of baby platys in there, even some hybrid half platy half mollies!

Growing things..

I got mum some plants, seeds and some Bulbs for Mothers day, so i planted the seeds for her and im growing them at home so she can then plant them in the Garden. The seeds are not doing so good... the bulb however is shooting up and needs to go in the garden with the rest of them.
(more photos once its grown to its full size)


Strawberry & Lime Cider... One word YUM!


I know...Random, but its Butter with Honey in it.. Proper Irish butter with Honey... soooo yummy on warm toast.

Wills & Kate ..

I know cheesy right, a photo of the TV.. haha - i spent hours watching the Royal wedding, from 8am in bed right through until about 6pm in the evening in the lounge... i didnt stay in bed all day.. :)

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