I Heart you

I should have posted this a month ago as thats when mothers day was.... (in the UK)

I love my mum, even though she can be Sooooooooo annoying, and she can be more childish than me, do things a teenager would, be the best mum, best friend - everything you would expect the best mum to be..

I made this card online, on funky pigeon, i got it for FREE!! yep thats right, 100% free, all i had to do was add 6 peoples address and birthday/anniversarys to my account as reminders and they credited my account with £3, the card would have been £2.99 total bargain even at that price!

I took the afternoon off work, got some of these for muma, her favourite flowers- Tulips!

I also took her present which was a gift bag with - 3 trees (they hadnt grown yet... obviously doh!) I took a bag of seeds of flowers, a bag of bulbs. I decided to get these as she was moaning the garden looked bare. (It took her a month to plant all of the above.. grrrr but least there planted now!)

I saw mum a few days before mothers day as i couldnt get over to her house on Mothering sunday which was a shame, but i still got to spend most the day with her a few days earlier.

On actual mothers day i went to a elderly peoples home to see my great Grandmother, 'Little Nana' we have always called her this, ever since i can remember. (My great grandad was called 'Big grandad') Literally because Nana is short, Grandad was tall. :o)

Sadly Grandad passed away about 20years ago when i was 4.

(Hannah my cousin, Me, and Little Nana) (Little Nana, and my grandma)

Little Nana's loot, cards, basket of flowers and the Yellow tulips i got her... i have a tulip theme going on this mothers day!

Im finding it really hard to come to terms with Nana being in the home, shes has all her facaltys, just her mobility is going now hill. It broke my heart to see her in there with people who were falling off their armchairs and were in a different world, a complete world of their own. :(
Its so sad to watch people get old. She is happy though which is all that matters.

Anyway enough of my ramblings..

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