Weekend life

We had such a good weekend!

I did the photos of daniel which i put up yesturday, but in the afternoon i mostly just did a few things around my flat, like washing up, cleaning clothes, sorting dogs etc - theni dyed my hair a nice red colour for the winter.

We went out for dinner to Frankie & Bennys, had a 40 minute wait to be seated so we just sat and had a chat and a drink at the bar. As soon as our 'remote'? went off a buzzed we jumped out of our seats and rushed to the table, We were SO hungry!!

We had a garlic pizza bread with cheese to share for starters, mike had a bacon and cheese burger whilst i had a Veggie burger for our Main meals. I felt full, but i HAD to have dessert ... Which was ice cream - 3 scoops of Vanilla, Mint choc chip & Choc Brownie Ice cream, mike had a Choc fudge cake with cream. It was a really nice meal and great to spend some time together...

The best bit of the evening however was meeting up with my man on the side....

Photo from google
We saw Breaking dawn with my cousin Steph her Husband Darren, seriously this film is AWESOME!!
I cant wait for part two, although i feel that its not going to be as good as part one..

Here is the trailer from youtube to keep you occupied..

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