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I wrote this post out and it dissapeared! wtf? wierd.. so here it goes again..

I had this dress which i was bored to death of, had never worn it, bought it for Vegas but it just wasnt 'me'
admittedly it only cost £5 from so i could afford to get rid.

I like the bib part of the dress, not the dress itself.. i had gone off it, and seeing as i wasnt using it for Vegas any more i didnt want it taking up wardrobe space that i just dont have.

This is where i got the scissors..

It was actually really easy, it was barely sewn on anyway, so i just snipped the thread off and away the bib part came. im so chuffed as it means i can wear the bib all year round to dress up a drab outfit and yet im still getting a good use out of thing i would otherwise throw away!
I think you would pay alot more for the bib than £5 in most shops, so a totall bargain baby! woohaa

Tadaaaa the finished product! its so sparkly i love it ♥

Only problem now is what to wear it with... hmmm Any ideas?

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