Youtube steals all my free time!!

I have seriously been addicted to You tube for a while now, i mainly like shopping Hauls or reviews or just peoples Vlogs.

Here are some of my favourite channels at the moment.

Fleur De Force

This is a recent find you tube, i like her Haul video's and its nice to watch another British persons Hauls.

I have now become addicted to and POP make up because of her!

Trisha Paytas

I have been watching Trish for a while now, i found her from a Hello Kitty Haul. She is really sweet, but not for the faint hearted or the very gullable people out there.

I just love the way she has cool stuff, clothes, accessories, she has a crazy funny sense of humour.


Another Newbie Youtube Love of mine.

I found Elle's blog from Searching for Forever 21 Hauls.


Again i found this youtube channel by searching for primark & forever 21 Hauls. Shes really sweet, has has an awesome room tour.

Well this is my round up of favourites for now.. Hope you like them! ♥


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