Product Review: No.17 Wild curls Mascara

I was on the hunt for a new Mascara... I have no reasons except i wanted one. The others i have work perfectly well, but i just Needed wanted a new Mascara to Oooh over. Then Fate happened... 

I did one of them double take, and then i zoomed in and went Ooooooooh - ripped it out and skipped to boots to buy said Mascara. Thankfully they actually had it in stock!

Limited Edition Packaging.
Nice Brush

My Initial impression was that for £1 it was a Bargain! - RRP: £6.29 - Colour i bought was 'Wildest Black' So it was even better when i was able to pay with my Boots advantage card points!!! FREE MASCARA!!! *HAPPY DANCE*

So i got to use trying this baby out, and here is the Before Picture..

My lashes are not Short but they lack definition..
And after a splash of Wild curls No.17 Mascara (I havent curled my Lashes before hand either i might add)

For the price i bought it at i think its a really good Mascara, and i would get it again, however i think £6.29 is quite expensive for what it is. My soap and Glory one is so much better and only £9.99, so maybe i will wait to see if its on offer again. Although i dont go through Mascara quick enough, so they will probably have another even better one by the time i come round to buying a new one again! haha

I would recommend this to people as i've had so many compliments lately by people saying Ooooh i like your eyelashes, and Oooh your eye make up looks nice.. So thumbs up from me! 

*I wasnt sponsored to write this post, all my own opinions and bought with my own moolah.


  1. That's a bargain right there! And it looks really nice on your lashes but I definitely wouldn't spend £6.29 on it! I've wanted to try the S&G mascara, do you recommend it? :) xo

    1. I really love the S&G Mascara, its my daily goto one as its so nice on :) - check out my other post i wrote about it

  2. It looks really good and extra points for not clumping your lashes!



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