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I was very kindly sent some Pedikur products to review, i was pre-warned that the packaging is 'nothing special' however the products itself is very good. Im not the sort of person to judge a book by its cover so to speak so i have been using it and thought i'd show you how it works...

Arriving very well packaged - Socks, cream and Lotion & Instructions.

The first insturection for use on feet is to not wash them first. So i got my thin layer of cotton wool, held it against the callused skin and used the Lotion to soak into the cotton wool so that it stuck to my foot.

The hard skin on my foot... yuk
I left the cotton wool stuck there for 20 mins to soak in and work its magic...

You get a plastic blade/scraper with the Kit, and you use this to scrape off the skin. This is the result ..

After Pedikur Lotion...

I didnt post pictures of the actual scraping off part, as quite frankly it was disgusting... but so rewarding!!! This stuff is really good, and i cant wait to get over to my mums and tackle her feet!!!

The herbal foot cream is awesome!
I applied a nice thick layer of Herbal cream onto my feet as they felt a bit sore after the scraping, i think that was due to me being a it heavy handed and getting too excited about how much crappy skin came off...

I then finished it off with putting these cotton socks on.. they are so soft and comfy. 

If you want to check out the products goto

I recommend this to anyone who struggles to get Soft flip flop ready feet, its really a good product.

The only thing i can say which would make it better is the packaging, but its its being aimed at Salons then its irrelevant, but to the normal consumer like us, then re-packaging would probably beneficial.

Overall Big thumbs up from me!

*I wasnt pair for this post, however i was perked with the products!

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