Make up Organisation :)

I spent nearly all day de-cluttering my flat, managed the paperwork in the lounge, kitchen cupboard.. Apparently its not healthy to have food in there from 2007... (and you think im kidding....)

I then decided to tackle the bedroom and i managed to sort out 3 bags of clothes, 2 rubbish bags, i cleared out my bedside table and decided rather than get rid of it (i've had it for 10 years, its barely used other than to store junk) and use it as a make up station.

This the only make up i have...

Not a lot there, mainly a Hello kitty Make up bag from H&M a gift from my friend Amy a while ago, pink basket with my Soap and Glory items, and 2 felt eye liners, then my palettes and bronzer beads.

Many Many years ago when i was in Japan visiting my dad, i bought this little storage unit.. and to this day (about 12 years later, check our how faded the pink is.. awww) it hasnt really had any use apart from storing crap.

Seeeeeee total cuteness!
So i took out the junk from inside it, and placed in another drawer it in the bin. The top orangey bit was bright pink once upon a time...

My basic strategy was everything had to fit in this unit to make my makeup accessible on a daily basis, even though i dont wear make up daily... but you get my gist.

Its a pretty roomy unit, the top section has face stuff in, concealers, and face powder.   

Top drawer with all eye related items, Primer, Mascara, Liners & a random old Pill tin thats antique and sweet.

Bottom drawer with lip products in, lipsticks, balms, gloss. Not alot but its all what i use regulary.

And finally in the top section... 

My Felt eyeliners which i keep tip down to keep them inky - and my blusher / bronzers.

Here is everything now..  

The Make up bag just has hair clips, face primer, bronzing beads and other oddly shaped items...

Then the basket has all my eye shadows.. 

So much better now its all organised. it meant that i was able to use the other space to neatly store all my costume jewellery and belts etc. Happy bedroom = Happy Georgia.

Sharkey taking centre stage there... :)

Im feeling happy now i wake up to this tidy sight in the mornings... ahhhhh lovely.


  1. Ah this looks fab, alas it's still on my to-do list haha! :)

    Lucy x

  2. Ohh I see a lot of lovely essential items in your stash! I've got a hello Kitty makeup bag too haha which is funny since I'm not a huge fan of that... :p



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