Belated Jubilee Post..

So i posted about my Jubilee Giveaway on the 1st of June, but then i have been abit busy since then to tell you what i did!

Jubilee gift for mike
Cake day at work, followed by scones for afternoon tea... Ahhh!
My friend invited me to a street party at her place, so i thought it would be patriotic supportive of me to attend...

Jubilee Cupcakes ♥
My Very non patriotic outfit of the day...
It was a nice afternoon dispite the weather, but i got to mingle with my friends neighbours and have a laugh.

For the actual Jubilee i spent most of it watching TV, i really like our royal family and learning about the families history.

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend :)


  1. Oh wow, all this cake is making me hungry! Love your owl tee :D


  2. I love your top in the last picture, where did you get it from? :)

    1. My top was from Primark - £3! check it out here -


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