Primark Haul: June 2013

So i had a cheeky little sneak into Primark a week ago with Katy, we popped out for the afternoon to do some shoppping, grab some lunch and a coffee. Just the norm for us :)

I spent £11 and got all of this...

Disco pants for £7, necklace for £1, black flip flops for £1 and the Mint green sandals for £2!


Arent they lovely... these are my favourite sandals from primark, they are like jelly shoes, so comfortable. My last pair broke, and they had walked some serious mileage so it was about time i replaced them.

This necklace was also a sale item which cost £1, it had a silver coloured cross on it, but i dont like things with crosses on, so i ripped it off. lol ta-daaa new necklace :)


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