My new Addiction: SMASH Folio by K&Company

I love a bit of craft time, and i have always loved to have a journal. 

When i was in my teens i always had a note pad, a special one that i picked out each birthday and used to Journal in, i stuck pictures, magazine cuttings, drew pictures, wrote letters to friends (we swapped journals to write back to each other! lol) and just generally wrote really hormonal things in.

So picture this... i was browsing Instagram and noticed someones picture of a 'Smash book'  i asked them what it was and then googled it... then my ADDICTION began!

It was exactely what i imagined my wedding Album to look like... i havent even put my photos in an album yet as i wanted to include show tickets, money, luggage tags etc and i couldnt think of a way to display them, well now i can!

I found out that Hobby craft supply the K&Company SMASH line, so i asked Mike if he would drive me there after work one day, and he said yes... 30mins later we arrived at Hobby craft, the Mecca of craftiness.

I chose the Wedding style which has the cream spine.

As you can see from the pages they are all printed with either a nice pattern or a bold graphic print. As far as a 'scrap book' goes these a pretty special in my eyes. They are £12.99 each which is so reasonable considering you can buy a hardback book with white pages for the same price in Hobby craft. The special thing about a Smash book is that they come with a Smash stick; which is a Fine Liner pen, with a glue stick on the other end!

I have made a start to my wedding journal, and did the beginning page with a picture of us about 8 years ago, i wrote on a Journal card about how we met, the date and when we were offically an item. I think its a nice thing to pass down to your children or grandchildren. (I dont have a picture of this page as its not finished yet)

This page is like my opening page, its the date of our wedding, and a little bit about where we got married. I got the numbers and the letter N from hobby craft for 40p each. 

I also bought a few other bits whilst at hobby craft... 

Smash book with the 2 Smash pads + stripy paperclips

Books with Hobby craft tape and Embellisments

I spent about £27 on all of that which i didnt think was that bad for the amount of craft stuff i bought. the tape was BOGOF so cost me £2.99 for both. (its still on BOGOF) , The embellishments were £1.49, however the wedding one is now on sale for £1, typical!

 I am sorting out all the prints i want to put in of our wedding, and our holiday in Vegas so once they arrive ill be Smashing away in this book. I'll show more updates along the way.

Please let me know if you have a smash book i'd love to see!

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  1. I love this!! It looks so cool! I am planning on scrap booking soon, This has given me inspiration xxx


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