Race for Life 2013

I signed up a few months back for Race for Life, i participated in the one in Guildford on sunday 26th May. 

It was a pretty cool day, i got lots of sponsors and i ran about 1.5k of it, which considering i did no training i dont think was that bad, my time was 44mins 44 seconds.. :)

I think that the course we did was pretty boring, but it was for a good cause so thats all that counts, i raised over £200 in sponsorship money which was amazing!

I used an app on my phone to track the route, i started it way to early though, but you get the jist...

It doesnt look far, but maaaaaan i wish i had done some training! i was cream crackered after it, but so glad i did it. 

I have raised £240 for cancer research UK and hopefully if i do race for life next year i can raise even more!




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