Bourjois Bronzing BB cream 8 in 1 Review!

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen i had a little splurge in Boots...

I really wanted to get the Bourjois Bronzer, which is a huge pot of bronzing goodness...and on offer for £5.99 at the moment.. BUT it was way to shimmery for me, so i passed up the bargain, and decided to get the BB Bronzing cream 8-1 instead.

It says that it.... Evens skin tone, Sheer tint, boots radiance, 16 Hour moisterisation, smooths skin, prolongs tan, SPF 15, and finally has a refreshing sensation.

Let me show you a little bit of how it applies..

L: Plastic bottle with Pump application, R1, one pump, R2, lightly rubbed in, R3, Blended completely.
And so you can see what it actually looks like on the face...

So the big mug shot on the left is me Pre-make up!
Then you have the scary dark cream on the face... this is themoment of O-M-G this is like the wrong coloured foundation, what have i done... Then once blended and with compulsary pout its done!

From a distance it gives a nice glow to my skin, and matches it without looking too dark.

As you can see from this close up the BB bronzer is still sheer enough to see my natural skin, i.e freckles, moles etc it doesnt mask my skin it just enhances it. 

I really like this and im glad i bought it instead of the bronzing powder. This BB Bronzing cream is on offer in boots at the moment for £6.99.

10/10 from me! 

Let me know if you try it out too. 


  1. Lol you missed blending that one glob of the cream under your nose?

  2. you have a very good skin complex, and your eye color is very beautiful, thankyou for the review


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