Birthday Club!

Last week we celebrated my Besties birthday, we had a nice evening and went for dinner with her family.

First up Present time...

In the foreground is the card i did on funky pigeon... cheesy but has to be done!

Me & Katy

Here is my outfit...

Newlook dress bought in March for £19.99
Shoes ASOS from Ebay £3.99

 And just because im a little crazy... a twirl

We went out to a Thai restaurant, which i was a little apprehensive about as I've never been for Thai food before, and I'm in credibly fussy when it comes to food. When we arrived the restaurant was lovely inside, it felt really posh... not something im used to! ha

Ooohh very fancy!

Ching ching, Cheers!

My friend Becky was there too as shes with katys brother, its so nice to have my friends together :)

 Now lets get into the food.... i had Vegetable Tempura to start, which was absolutely AMAZING, so so so tasty, and a huge portion!

They cut all the Veg in cool shapes , as Katy is modelling below, even the Rose in the picture above is a vegetable!

Here is my dinner, Thai Green curry with Soya curd, and sticky rice... this is where the problem started.

Skip back to when we ordered the food, i asked the waitress for 'mild green curry, Not hot' i think she heard this as 'VERY VERY BLOODY HOT' i had a few mouthfuls and thought Jesus this is hot, i must be a right wimp. I think it was the point where i felt like i couldn't breathe where Katy stepped in and asked to try it... she went BLOODY HELL that's hot, Becky tried it, went bright red and nearly chocked.. lol

Needless to say we had to return the meal and ask for it to be remade, they were very sorry and couldn't stop apologising. Once the new meal was brought out, i still didn't like it... i think it was because my tongue was on fire from the other one. *sigh*

Oh well, that's another cuisine to eliminate from my list.

I had a really nice night out, its nice to dress up and have a good time with your friends, despite the flaming hot curry! :)

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