10 Year anniversary!

We've been together for 10 years, thats a decade, thats CRAZY.

Where have the past 10 years gone? 

Ermmmm, hello How did i go from being a 16 year old, to a married, home owner, whose been with her husband for 10 years.


We were in France for our anniversary and decided to make a day of it by going to the Beach, the picnic was packed, fuel in the car, sat nav ready, we all had an early night...

and woke up to RAIN!!!

FML... we didn't go to the beach in the end, wasn't worth the 2+hr drive to get there and it be shitty.

We spent the day at Chateau de Biron which is in Biron France.

The chateau was pretty amazing, really old and currently under restoration. Which was a bit annoying as we wanted to see the Dungeons but they were closed. 

In the picture above, there is the view from outside the Chateau, View from the roof, My grandma posing in a door way (she actually wasn't posing at all, i just snapped a good picture!) Paw print in the old floor tiles, My grandad and Bryan walking along the roof, amazing stained glass windows, Carpet tiles on my shoes to protect the floor, every day im shuffling... Check out that MASSIVE fireplace... talk about pimp my fireplace.

 Picture of us at the chateau, we tried to get the scenary in the background, but it failed. meh

Panoramic view of the Chateau in side

Such a cool floor tile, almost looks like a heart ♥

We then took a drive to Monpazier, the town square is similar to Eymet, but larger. Love the Tree's, this little Bastide is right on the top of a hill, the view was amazing.
 Here is a nice photos to remember the trip, look at the background!

Here is to the next 10 years and beyond!

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  1. Looks really nice.
    I see Grandad still has his girls ankles ;)


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