Antique shopping with Geo!

Every now and then i like to go to junk , Antique or charity shops... i dont usually buy anything, normally just have a look around.

Im not going to lie, this is killing me looking back at these pictures, these are things that i realllllly wanted to buy.

Original Lloyd Loom Lusty chair £45

One of the many rooms of pictures

How Qaint :)

I WANT THIS SO BAD!!! - £10 dish

How amazing is this, im tempted to go back and find it.

Cute kitsch jugs, bottles, canisters

Ohhhhhh i love that little pot - £12

Vintage enamel breadbins

Glass bottles and tankards
I love this mother of pearl + Bone inlaid box it was £10. i have a thing about boxes like this... ♥
Im off to france soon, and i cant wait to have a mooch about their Antique 'Brocante' shops!

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